Creating "Killer Skullz with Cross-Eyed"
  • Creating "Killer Skullz with Cross-Eyed"

Creating "Killer Skullz with Cross-Eyed"

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Trajanje 1 ura 14 minut - angleški jezik

220 023

Art.-No. 220 023

Application: Custom Automotive

Classification: E - Educational

Running time: 1 hour 14 minutes

Just as the successful hunter knows how his prey thinks, the successful artist knows the anatomy of his subject. According to custom master Cross-Eyed, "Out of hundreds of skulls I have seen painted on motorcycles, only about 2% were rendered correctly! Believe it or not, most artists attempt skulls without really having any clue what they look like." Creating Killer Skullz shows you how to make stock, modified, and hybrid skulls stand above the rest with form, dimension, shape, and personality. As a bonus, this presentation includes review of 12 examples of skull paintings.

220 023

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